This is machining process from the cylinder surface. Interiors of cylinders are machined according to the gauge of pistons to be used.

This is preparation of the cylinder surfaces so that rings can operate and oil film can form. The roughness of the surface as a result of the honing is the most important factor determining the engine life.

Surface Roughness
After honing, engine cylinders are measured by Mitutoyo measurement device and surface roughness values are checked with surface quality.

Main Bearing Busbar
This is the process of eliminating the gauge runouts and circular disorders occurring on the main and eccentric bearing axis.

Bushing Rods
Bushing rods are replaced with new ones and machined to necessary gauge so that new pins can work. In case internal dimensions of rod caps are oval / conic, then rod caps are adjusted to standard gauge.

Crank Grinding
The wear and gauge problems in the pivots of the crankshaft are eliminated by grinding the crankshaft.

Crank Polishing
Crankshaft pivots are polished and a good surface quality and oil film viscosity is ensured.